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About IRP

We empower the Ohio State community to use data and analytics to make evidence-informed decisions that shape the university's future and become a national model for creating data-supported decision cultures.

Why Institutional Research and Planning? 

  • Respond to the growing and complex data reporting and analytics needs of Ohio State.
  • Provide data and insights to advance Academic Plan Goals.
  • Improve operational efficiencies and reduce duplication. 
  • Develop new synergies.
  • Leverage data and analytics expertise. 
  • Strengthen collaborations and create new partnership opportunities.
  • Provide data and analytics support for executive leadership and all decision makers across OSU.  
  • Advance student academic success, degree completion, and well-being.

Institutional Research and Planning (IRP) provides accurate, timely, consistent, and actionable data and integrates analytics across multiple domains (student, faculty, human resources, fiscal, research, facilities and more) to support evidence-informed decision-making at The Ohio State University. Using information from this office will allow greater coordination and alignment of activities to achieve maximum effectiveness regarding the strategic vision, mission, values and goals related to Ohio State's Academic Plan. 

Our mission is to:

  1. Provide leadership, vision and strategic direction in building a data-informed decision culture at The Ohio State University by championing and collaborating with campus stakeholders in broadening data sharing, data governance, actionable insight development, operational effectiveness and professional skill development. 
  2. Engage in institutional research, official reporting, institutional effectiveness activities, data visualization, survey research, assessment and accreditation data support, mixed-methods research, and advanced analytics to enhance the success and learning of our students as well as overall university and operational effectiveness. 
  3. Promote culturally responsive and inclusive institutional analytics and assessment practices that consider the increasingly diverse student, faculty and staff populations we serve. We engage in efforts to reduce equity gaps and enhance inclusive environments for students, faculty and staff.